River Detectives discover Gladys and Stripey picture book

It's great that the River Detectives program has discovered Gladys and Stripey: two little fish on one BIG adventure, and like it so much, that this unique picture book, --'valuable to all as a way of learning about waterways, native fish and importance of healthy habitat and fish passage' -- is now one of their recommended resources.

The book is based on an Australian threatened freshwater fish species. It encourages readers to discover what's in their own waterway. Public and school librarians will want to check there's a copy on their shelves.

More details about Gladys and Stripey: two little fish on one BIG adventure, including a video, educator notes and activities can be found at https://michelegierck.com.au/gladys-and-stripey/


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Gladys and Stripey is OUT NOW

It's official. Gladys and Stripey: Two little fish on one BIG adventure is OUT NOW. Based on a threatened Australian native freshwater fish, the book is earning high praise from kids and their communities, nature lovers, ecologists, ecological activists and educators.

Here's a sample of fab comments:

  • Gladys and Stripey is a truly wonderful book.’ - Mark Lintermans, Associate Professor of Freshwater Fisheries Ecology and Management.
  • I loved it [Gladys and Stripey] and would love to stock it.’ - Alexa, Children's Book Buyer at Readings in Hawthorn.
  • I think the story is fantastic. Educational, informative and an enjoyable read.’ - Shane Giese, STEM Teacher and Deputy Principal.
  • Jeremy loves Gladys and Stripey. He told me to tell you it's the best book in the world!!’ - Mother of a young reader. This comment was sent with a photo of the young boy engrossed in the illustrations.

Thanks to all who have supported this project.

Get your copy or find out more, here.

Cover of Gladys and Stripey: Two little fish on one BIG adventure
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Can You Think of a Title for My New Book?

The front garden view from my writing room
I'm just about to send the first few chapters of my latest non-fiction book to my agent who loved the earlier draft. All I need is a title. If you can think of one, I'd sure appreciate hearing from you. Just drop a line via the contact page of my website: www.michelegierck.com.au About the manuscript It's a post-injury come-back tale in which the bush, the ocean, a bloke (a fellow) and travel all play their part. Here's the pitch. When Michele, a broken down sojourner, meets Mac, a dedicated river scientist, she is drawn into his orbit, the gravity of which propels her onto an uncharted trajectory. And yes folks, it's a true story! If you'd like to know more about this book, including the title that we choose or publication date, just sign up to the newsletter on my website. Image and text copyright Michele Gierck
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Finding Your Special Spot

Stream Maroondah Catchment How good it is to find your special spot. A place to relax, to calm, to be. A place to listen, to be drawn into the moment. (No phones, ipads or laptops here!) There's been quite a bit of media and a number of talks given since the release of my latest book, Fraying: Mum, memory loss, the medical maze and me, in March. Now, it's time to get back to basics, create a calm space ... and write. Yes, all the talks and interviews are enjoyable, but at heart the joy of writing is one that for me cannot be quelled. If I don't write, I feel a part of myself is missing. For those interested, I will be back speaking again in September, during Dementia Awareness Month. More details soon.
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Time to Celebrate

BirdBillHoneyeaterIt's certainly time to celebrate now that the contract for my next non-fiction book has been signed with an excellent Australian publisher.  More details soon. For now, it's on with the editing. Image: Honeyeater at Bird Billabong, near Mary River, on the way to Kakadu National Park, The Northern Territory, Australia Michele's website: www.michelegierck.com.au What inspires Michele? Check out her other blog to find out - www.michelemuses.wordpress.com Text and image copyright Michele Gierck  
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Travel Writing

MalabarViewOfMtGower&Walker01-15-2014 Sometimes places are so amazing, writing about them is a must. Here's the link to a travel piece I scribed on Lord Howe Island which appeared in Australian newspapers. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/travel/australia/immerse-yourself-in-lord-howe-islands-tropical-beauty/story-fnjjuyvd-1226888086987 Keep in mind that no matter how wonderful Lord Howe Island sounds, whether you are into nature, relaxing, natural beauty, peaceful environments, bush walking, snorkelling, coral reefs, swimming with fine friendly fish (and even Galapagos sharks), it's much better being there! Photos and text copyright Michele Gierck To find out what else inspire Michele, apart from Lord Howe Island, visit her other blog: www.michelemuses.wordpress.com    
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Cultivating Creativity

We are off to cultivate a little, or lots, of creativity. To non-writers, it's called a holiday. Whatever the name, I can't wait. We''ll swim with fish and coral, climb mountains, and breath deeply. And when I come back I'll be relieved, refreshed and reinvigorated. Text and Image copyright Michele Gierck View from the road Wilpena Pound
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