About Michele

Michele is a storyteller who delights in adventures, be that on other side of the Pacific Ocean (in a war zone), hiking through the bush, spending time down by the river, or listening to tales being told. She loves collecting stories and bringing them to life on the page.

Until recently, Michele was immersed in adult non-fiction. However, after much research and creativity, her first children’s book, Gladys and Stripey: two little fish on one BIG adventure was released in 2023. It is an (almost) true story about an Australian native fish – a threatened species, which recently became endangered in Victoria.

‘Nature is so inspiring. And we can learn so much from being out in it and caring for it,’ Michele says.

When she’s not thinking up ideas for children’s books, Michele is an adult non-fiction writer. Memoirs and biographies are her specialty, having had two of her own published. She knows how to combine the threads of personal and business domains, as well as complex cross-industry strands. She has also written family and community histories.

Michele enjoys public speaking, which she has done to live audiences in Australia, the US and Canada. And on radio across Australia. You can listen to Michele on ABC radio – Conversations with Richard Fidler.

As a freelance writer, Michele has long had a strong interest in personal human stories. She has also written on issues ranging from the future of the Great Barrier Reef and travel to the lost art of listening. Her feature articles have appeared across Australian media.