700 Days in El Salvador

700 days

700 Days in El Salvador

700 Days in El Salvador is a timeless account of an Australian woman’s unexpected journey from the suburbs to a guerrilla war. Michele’s experiences are recounted in a compassionate and insightful style—it’s a journey of depth, not just distance travelled.

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Comments about 700 Days in El Salvador

Comments about 700 Days


“Like my own, this is a story of redressing injustice, devotion to a cause and love for a man… Michele Gierck’s intensely personal account of her engagement with El Salvador and her journey to understanding of its plight, brings into focus the human faces of war, civil strife and displacement. ‘Our’ wars were played out almost simultaneously in different corners of the world. Wars that were possible because borders had been closed to foreigners, and the rest of the world, it seemed, closed its eyes and ears to the truth of the situation. A compelling and moving read, both intensely personal and political.”

Kirsty Sword Gusmão, First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (East Timor) and author of A Woman of Independence (Pan Macmillan, 2003)

“700 Days in El Salvador tells how a woman from suburban Melbourne was transformed by a chance encounter in an inner-city bar. Written with great restraint and poise, it is a moving story about resistance, suffering and the extraordinary courage of ordinary people.”

Fiona CappThe Age

“This is a powerful account of a woman's awakening. Michele Gierck gave up a career to find a life. She left middle class Australia to live in an El Salvador wracked by violence, a story she tells with insight and a delightful sense of colour. Gierck is a traveller in the deepest and truest sense, one who knows how to be still. She was changed by her experiences and her readers will be too. This is one of those rare books which makes you see the world with fresh eyes.”

Michael McGirr, Author of Bypass