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Fraying: Mum, memory loss the medical maze and me chronicles the unexpected journey Michele and her mother embark on as they negotiate memory loss and the medical maze.

‘I wrote the kind of book I would have loved someone to give me when I began accompanying my 88-year-old mother through memory loss and the medical maze,’ says Michele, who adds that her mother was such a character. If you have ever been a daughter or a son, love (or loved) either of your parents, love your partner or a wee brandy (whisky, sherry, or wine), Michele feels certain there will be something memorable in this book for you!

Fraying: Mum, memory loss, the medical maze and me, is based on notes from Michele’s journal. Readers will find that, not unlike Michele and her mother, they can never be sure what is going to happen next. This is no tale of woe. It’s insightful, warm, upbeat, and not without humour.

Comments about Fraying:

‘This is the book every ageing woman should give her daughter
or her son. Clear-eyed about dementia and dying, it is an essential
handbook of spirited care – and love – for our time.’
– MORAG FRASER, Chair, Australian Book Review

‘A deeply personal book which reminds how dementia affects
so many of us, not just those with the diagnosis but also those who
love and care for them. A particularly valuable account for anyone
who wishes to know more about the experience of supporting
and caring for a loved one with dementia.’
– DR. MICHAEL CHAPMAN, geriatrician and palliative care specialist

‘A helpful and honest journey down the thorny path of failing
health that many older people tread, and a survival manual for
those who care for them.’

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